JBadge – What’s New?

“What’s New? JBadge is going Coast To Coast!

JBadge is back to present a brand new single off his coming up project “2 Sides 1 Story”.. A piece of work the 22-year-old artist from Fairfield, CA has been giving his fans hints about for the past few months.
The Two sided project *Coming Fall 2019* will have multiple moods/tones throughout and With this new single and visual for his track ‘What’s New?’ he gives us a small taste of what “side A” of his up and coming project will have in Store. The song gets straight to the point “Mind Playing tricks on me what’s new?”.
The opening line that pulls you into the personal yet very relatable trials and ups JBadge has faced throughout his life, but don’t listen TOO causally because Badge is known for being quick with the lyrics and wordplay which often goes over heads in the current music scene.
Similar to artist he is inspired by, JBadge says he “wants people to go back, play the music and find something new with each time”
Coming from A small city, JBadge has had to grind and build his name up. Over the last 2 years the artist has gained alot of notice in New York, Texas, Seattle, and many more states across the US.
The Rapper continuously has proved no matter how big or small or supportive your city is you can make a name for your self with good tunes with substance!

What’s New Is now out on YouTube! ENJOY”

Stream the track below!

Source: Elevator

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