Kai Ca$h shares his latest effort with “Tei Zaundei”

Kai Ca$h is a promising rapper hailing out of New York. He recently released his Birth In The Borough EP back in July. After being teased by Justin Combs, Ca$h finally shares “Tei Zaundei,” the track pays homage to the viral Youtube sensation Tay Zonday, better known as the “Chocolate Rain” guy. Kai can be heard going bar for bar over the are-punctuating track: “I might have changed her life, damn in one night, huh?”

“The track is just a big lit vibe, it’s one of those records that makes you wanna get up and dance no matter where you hear it, the classic “White Tee” sample makes it easy to gravitate to and feeling like Tay Zonday makes it even more legendary in my opinion. That’s because he’s a legend himself & it’s kinda random to just feel like that, but it’s fire,” Kai tells ELEVATOR.

Malcolm is a 17-year-old writer from Carolina, follow him on Instagram @malc.global.

Source: Elevator

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