Kansas Rapper Plainview Kiet makes ELEVATOR debut

Planeview Kiet is a Vietnamese born Rapper from Kansas who sets the tone on his self-produced, catchy single “ATM” by using hard-hitting bass and a breezy snare line. The video illustrates two types of characters and contrasts, those who latch on to fame and fortune but complain about not having bountiful assets, and those who work hard towards accomplishing their goals to be progressive in growing successfully. Video by Tony Hill & Manny De Los Santos – Art Direction by Nathan Gibson, DATA-X & Blake Edwards. “ATM” is the lead single off of his EP which was released in August also titled ATM. His is a message of authenticity:  “I just wanna make good music & connect with my real fans. Get to know people for who they really are, not the rap persona. I’m interested in people’s life stories & real life situations, that’s what I’d rather connect with.” Click the music video link below!



Source: Elevator

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