bbno$ is playing new games on his new y2k produced track “slop”

It has been a pretty wild year for Vancouver rapper bbno$, and his producer and collaborator y2k for that matter. These two have shot up the underground ranks from 2019’s start and saw this come to a new high this summer as thier track “lalala” earned millions of streams, tik-tok virality, and even charted on the Billboard Hot 100 for a short time. Their rise to prominence has been quick but well deserved and any SoundCloud adherents will know just how long bbno$ and y2k have been working at this. Their newest track “slop” brings out some new sonic subtleties, as y2k’s instrumental is driven by a guitar melody that would be right at home in a wild west movie. Bbno$ attacks this instrumental with his laid-back yet completely in control flow and did this wonderful beat justice.

Stream “slop” at the link below.

Source: Elevator

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