Dutchavelli – Only If You Knew (Music Video)

If you’re not familiar with London hip-hop you may be surprised to learn it’s making a big impact on bringing back that nostalgic New York sound. The production is making a big wave in Brooklyn especially. It’s only right to show love to the OG’s overseas in London, that have been working hard. Get to know Dutchavelli. He comes across as a boss with witty flow and delivery. More like a London version of Rick Ross. He brings out the gang for his new video “Only If You Knew”. It’s pretty cool to see how London looks in a music video, for one, he’s not showing the Eiffel Tower or anything tourists want to see. He’s strictly showing the hoods in their purest form. It’s a beautiful thing to see London and the States merging together over this sound. The best part in this video is when everyone is hanging out in the project stairwell. It gives me that the vibes from an urban classic movie called Belly.

Source: Elevator

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