EKT 40 – “Famous” Music Video

Coming straight out of Columbus, OH EKT 40 is set and ready to go. He recently made a very low key move, signing under the radar to Meek Mill’s label, Dream Chasers. EKT 40 is part of a strong Ohio music wave that has been quietly producing artists and producers for a while. I’m not sure why they don’t get the respect they deserve. EKT 40’s new video “Famous” showcases the highlights of his signing with Meek. In the visual, he’s really not trying to tell everybody the surprise but it seems as EKT 40 is ready to prove himself. This is an early sign maturity in his success, as most artists would be trying to tell the world. EKT answers all questions through his music as you can hear reporters asking him, if Meek gave him a Dream Chasers chain. It’s only the start for EKT 40.

Source: Elevator

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