Watch Mak Sauce’s Official Musical TurnUp “Get Inside”

If you don’t know about Mak Sauce, you are sleeping under a rock. This guy may be the next 6ix9ine and no, not 6ix9ine the psudeo-gangster snitch. As far as being smart with marketing himself, Mak has a solid team behind him and labels are taking him in for meetings. The glow up is really that serious that all went down in a 2-year time span for Mak. From almost signing with Coach K and QC, to merging with a successful team to get his vision out. It seems Mak Sauce made the right decision if you ask me. The kids love Mak. He knows how to get you talking and shows no signs of slowing down. His video for “Get Inside” is pure entertainment. Mak Sauce is out of Atlanta of course and this record makes you want to dance. The crazy thing is, he’s with the homies kicking it while shooting the visual. I guarantee you can’t find one video from Mak Sauce that’s not entertaining. I feel this guy is the next Young Thug mixed with Famous Dex!

Source: Elevator

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