Watch SelfMadeKash – “Real Goaty”

You can’t forget about the Detroit music market. It’s on fire right now with acts like Teejayx6 and Sada Baby on the rise. And they’re opening so many doors for different acts. Detroit is no longer about the 8-mile and Eminem. Not dissing Em but times have changed and deservedly so. The sound of Detroit music is all about the hustle and the harshness of growing up in the midwest. Time moves a lot more slowly and support is little. With that, I’d like to Introduce SelfMadeKash, one D-Towns finest. He’s rapping about all the slick dealing going on in the city. Below we have his video “Real Goaty”, performance heavy – yet clean, visual, shot down at the Detroit Tigers baseball stadium. Give it a watch.

Source: Elevator

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