YeaitsBud – Back On (Music Video)

My name is YeaitsBud, an everlasting artist who makes music based on life and expression. I love writing and making my own music especially my own sound it helps me realize what type of artist I am. As I create and develop my music, I would like the people and elevator to join along the ride to listen and enjoy my pieces of art as well as viewing it from their own perspective. Not just a regular artist, I’m a junior at Lagrange College with a good work ethic for Music and Engineering; I’ll use these skills to advance my music as well as for myself. Although, I’ve written and produced several pieces on several different platforms such as Soundcloud, Spotify, and Apple Music. However, this is my first video and it wouldn’t make me happier than to have it on the elevator platform so I make this submission in hopes of that.

Source: Elevator

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