24Hrs New Visual “Nudies” Has Powerful Message

Rostrum Records artist 24Hrs throws his hat in the ring for Video of the Year with the release of his new one, “Nudies”. A retrospective look into the idea of how our decisions in life affect our path and determine where we end up in this world. Featured in “Nudies” are 24, Rostrum CEO Benjy Grinberg and the song’s producer James Royo, who take on alternate personas showing what their lives may have become had they not pursued their careers in the music industry. They also shine a light on the growing homeless population in inner-city LA, by showing us the human side of what everyday life could be like for any of us, depending on the life we choose.

A statement from Rostrum CEO Benjy Grinberg “The Nudies video is about the fine line between success and failure, between keeping it together and having it all fall apart. I thought that by taking the approach of having a music executive, an artist and a producer (representing various sides of the industry) and showing an alternate path that things could’ve gone down for all three would be a powerful way to express the themes of fate, luck and perseverance. Moreover, we’re experiencing a huge increase in the homeless population here in Los Angeles. I wanted to remind everyone that the people you walk by on the street are just as human as you are, and there isn’t much difference between us. Our positions could’ve easily been different. They still can be.”

Source: Elevator

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