British producer Sugi.wa releases debut album ‘Romantic’

In December of last year, Radio Juicy, a European record label & radio station, really became an additional focal point for me when it comes to discovering both national and international producers and musicians alike. Taking more of a deeper and personal liking to specific genres that range from soul, 90s R&B, and jazz, my newest insertion to future self-made playlists is UK based producer, Sugi.wa. Each track off his 20 track debut album, titled Romantic, feels like tales of a love story being told – every vocal arrangement, instrument, or effect being written, recorded & mixed by Sugi.wa himself.

That fact alone serves as such a sentimental ode to mastered artistry when creating sounds that then translate into feelings. Each track from start to finish takes me to this meditative space of heart, mind, body & soul. Imagine dancing in the deep dark of midnight, with only the moonlight to guide your steps. Or, like when you reflect back on special memories you shared with someone in your love life whether it be past or present, this album suits every part of those notions. From togetherness to solitude, to the total bliss & euphoria that can immediately shift into fear and emotional suffering, I can guarantee that you will experience the many angles during listening, making ‘Romantic’ an album that genuinely stands out by not just taking you to one place. Support by purchasing your own vinyl copy + digital download here.

Stream Sugi.wa’s Romantic album below:

Source: Elevator

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