I love when a submission comes straight out of left-field. Refreshing oddities really build up a feeling inside that really holds the listener’s attention. Turo Siviran has a unique image and the clips in his visual “Shakespeare” are pretty spooky. Giving off a Desperado like feeling, we see a preacher being asked about the devil. Although Turo’s rapping leaves a little bit to be desired, he has a unique sound and flare. And once you get to the hook, you realize his singing is where he really breaks out and shines. The scene with him sitting on top of the piano, with the candles burning is epic. The director SpiffyShotEm did an awesome job on the video. With this record and video together, we could see Turo Siviran catching heavy attention. This is his first single from his project titled “Perfect”. Hopefully he can follow it up with even more.

Source: Elevator

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