AlfhaSam – Real One ft. Alfha Bliss

My name is Sam and my artist name is ALFHA Sam. ALFHA stands for artistry, loyalty, family, honesty, & alpha. As you can see “ALFHA” is not spelled in a traditional manner because we are not a traditional record label, we are more like brothers and operate as a family unit. We are young musicians from South Sacramento who endured a similar struggle and found music as a way to both enlighten others and also cope with our own hardships. We like to make music with meaning that helps people overcome whatever situation they are in. My new track Real One is featuring my brother ALFHA Bliss & is touching on the topic of intimate relationships. This song was created with the sole purpose of explaining to my audience that if you find that “real one” or significant other, your life will change for the better. Even the bad is made good or bearable when with this specific person. As an artist, I always like to convey my spin on different struggles or concepts, & this is my take on how a good relationship should look. Enjoy!

Source: Elevator

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