Bay Area Native RZN. Showcases Genius With Single ‘THE HEAT’

Acclaimed artist/producer RZN. debuted his new single ‘THE HEAT’, a powerful mix fo rap and bass house, solidifying his place amongst the industry’s brightest rising artists. RZN. though early in his career, has shown his ability to mix and fuse together Hip Hop, Rnb, and Electronic music all into one distinct style as he continues to ramp up for more single releases this year. While RZN. has drawn considerable comparison to other notable electronic artists, he’s matching quality from his own creative lane, with his own unique style. Tracks such as “THE HEAT” explore rhythmic and sonic palettes while retaining the iconic flair of his upbringing in Hip Hop and Electronic music. As RZN. officially starts his journey within Hip Hop and Electronic music, we are sure to see a diverse range of sounds, emotions, and amazing productions as he continues his career.

Source: Elevator

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