Quarry Delivers Fantastic Debut EP – Q1 EP

After releasing his acclaimed songs “White Wishy Washy World”, “No Ordinary Love” and “Your Brain Or Your Body” which found respective accolades on Complex, Wonderland and CLASH, Quarry’s debut EP ‘Q1 collects this body of work so far, along with an additional new song “No_Ordinary_Love_s1e2”.

Rounding off this first chapter Quarry says…”This EP is about connection, separation, reaching out to people… Frustration, longing, anger… Loneliness, togetherness, otherness… But more than anything it’s about me. I’m not bothered if you hate it, but I hope you at least find something in it that touches you in some way’”

Quarry is a concise exploration of the human psyche through the medium of music and a reminder to reach for something more. His greatest gift is being able to convey complex and uncomfortable issues. Take a trip with him via his Q1 EP below!


Source: Elevator

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