seeyousoon – Steamy

Florida based 9-piece seeyousoon make a memorable first impression today with stunning debut offering, “Steamy”. A hip-hop cut that bristles with boundless energy from the intro, “Steamy” serves as an introduction to a collective you’re going to hear a lot from this year. Speaking on the release, seeyousoon state: “Steamy” was the first song we created as seeyousoon and it feels right to have it be the first song the world hears. it’s exciting to think about how our listeners are going to be front row to an audible experience that will continue to evolve and inspire. The nine—Ignacio, Kenny, Denny, Maddie, Josh, Dre, Drex, Luke, and Mitch—met in 2018 and bonded over sounds as diverse as Jadakiss to Mars Volta, forming seeyousoon as a vehicle to put together their debut offering, VIDÉ. “Steamy” is the entry point to their world.

Source: Elevator

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