L.A. Shawn – Love Hallucinations

“Love Hallucinations: The experience involving the apparent perception of love and care from others that isn’t present.” I made this phrase and definition up a few years ago. With this song, I wanted to address fake love and how we as people can confuse real love and a “love hallucination” with each other and how it’s hard to tell the difference between them. From people saying they support (when they really don’t), to people that do things that seem like it’s out of the kindness of their heart (when in reality they have an evil agenda), all the way to that significant other that say’s it’s only you (and they have others that they mess around with), there’s a range of different Love Hallucinations that can be presented. Physically, emotionally, verbally, and vibes are the many examples it can be ranged from.

Source: Elevator

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