Turnt LilThadd Offers Up “Pop It Off”

Crunk music is making a major comeback and the nucleus of it Memphis, Tennessee. One artist that’s making noise in that market is Turnt LilThadd. He’s mixing gangster rap with crunk music together, which developed a dance called the Memphis Stomp. On top of that, Lil Thadd has a verse on rapper YRN Deuce record “Crunk Ain’t Dead MOB” featuring Lil Yachty.

You can catch what the Memphis Stomp is all about in his new video “Pop It Off.” In the visual, Turnt LilThadd and his entire crew move together for an organized routine which makes you pay more attention. The ape mask being worn in a few scenes in the video is hilarious. Listen to the 808’s knock on this BeatMonster YD production, as Lil Thadd delivers nothing but energy. Peep the video below.

Source: Elevator

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