K.Charles Tries To Save The World From “Distress” In New Video

K.Charles is one of many rising talents out of Miami right now, and it would be remiss of me not to acknowledge that. After our brief intro at Rolling Loud NYC, I could tell that the young artist had an interesting duality about him. He piqued me as quiet, but it was revealed that he possesses a more menacing side to him in his new video for “Distress.”

The video finds KC on some “world taking over shit” while dressed in a suit and rapping over a ravenous beat between quick-changing scenes. The juxtaposition is jarring as he tries to save the world but is doing so in a villainous sort of way.

KC recently collabed with fellow Miami artists, Twelve’Len and Tund3, on “Jewls.” If all goes well, he will also be performing at Rolling Loud Portugal in July. His new project is coming soon, but in the meantime, peep his new single and video for “Distress” below.

Twitter: @semikicks


Source: Elevator

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