Postcard Boy Is “Dazed” In New Single

Today, San Diego native Postcard Boy announces a new EP Limbo and shares the first single, “Dazed” along with a music video. Written between high school and college, the EP captures the anticipation, longing, and confusion felt during periods of transition. “Dazed” zeros in on love-hate relationships. Melancholic acoustic guitar chord progressions lead into impassioned syncopated vocal layers over sparse percussion, culminating in a chorus of snarling electric guitar and synth bass.

The vulnerability and delicateness of “Dazed” is reflected in the video, which finds Postcard Boy walking along a beach at sunset singing into a bouquet of flowers slowly falling apart. The flowers, he notes, represent the fragility of relationships.

Stream now:

Instagram: @postcardboy_ 

Twitter: @postcardboi

Source: Elevator

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