Dee Watkins’ “Cry Sometimes” Is A Must-Listen

Jacksonville has been a hotbed for talent in Florida during the past couple of years, with artists such as SPOTEMGOTTEMYungeen AceFoolioGDawg and much more, emerging through the underground layers of Florida. Enter Dee Watkins.

His recent drops “Hell Raiser” and “Bad Ass Jit” has quickly taken him from small-time rapper to a top-notch, leading artist within Northern Florida, even competing against the likes of Rod Wave and Glokknine for the new generation of Florida hip-hop fans.

As he continues to put his final touches on his upcoming Chosen One project, which is slated to drop in the next few weeks, Dee Watkins continues to keep content rolling even with Coronavirus going around with another video off the aforementioned project. The song, titled “Cry Sometimes,” is the second single to drop this month after seeing “Hood Poet” drop a few days ago. Stay tuned for his upcoming Chosen One project, and check out “Cry Sometimes” down below.

Source: Elevator

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