DRTYLAUNDRY Sounds Like a Bedroom Pop Rapper, And I Love It

DRTYLAUNDRY is a very unique artist. In my opinion, he sounds like a Bedroom Pop singer but with a gritty, more drug-infused type of vibe to it, which I absolutely love. The young Arizona talent first made our radar with his insanely infectious “Drunk Driving” record a few years back, but now, DRTYLAUNDRY returns with another amazing single in “Did Me Wrong.”

LAUNDRY really reminds me of Pink Sweat$ more than he does any rapper, but who the fuck am I? For now, it looks like DRTYLAUNDRYjust plans on releasing singles, but if anything changes, we’ll keep you posted. Check out “Did Me Wrong” down below. You’ll thank me later.

Here’s my favorite of the bunch.

Source: Elevator

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