Booky Blanco – Hand To Hands (Music Video)

This is the latest visual and loosie single release from American rapper Booky Blanco. Directed by Apollo Wonn and produced by “Srry”. This video is in the wake of the global COVid-19 pandemic, and is a reminder that there are no more “Hand to Hands” transactions anymore, even for your local trappers. Blanco is from Elizabeth, New Jersey and has been rapping/ making music since his early teenage years but his career officially started in late 2016 when he released his breakout local hit “Show Me”, which garnered him a lot of attention and notoriety throughout the entire Tri-State area. The name Booky Blanco derives from his casino and sport betting lifestyle and habits, with “Blanco” being his real last name. Blanco’s music is delivered from a unique perspective of someone who is able to navigate in the streets mixed with that of a person who is educated. This allows him to navigate into both worlds, thus creating a broader audience, as he brings you smooth melodic tunes also coupled with real relatable traditional rap lyrics that any hip hop fan would come to love and appreciate.

Source: Elevator

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