2 Chainz’s Artist Sleepy Rose Drops “Let’s Do It” Video

Sleepy Rose is not an overnight success story. It’s been a long road for this young man and his success is priceless. He actually deserves the attention he’s getting online after going through so much. Rose has lost so many friends while growing up to gun violence, but he’s beat the odds. Since signing with 2 Chainz label, TRU, and being managed by Street Execs, things are looking up for Sleepy.

His new video Let’s Do It featuring Willy Rose is now out, and it’s action-packed. Sleepy Rose takes over the basketball court for one springtime performance for the streets. You can catch a 4-wheeler kicking up dirt while doing donuts in the grass. Out of nowhere, you can see a skateboarder doing some karate on the blacktop. I’m not sure where Sleepy Rose found these people but it helped create one solid video.

Twitter: @Z6_Sleepyrose

IG: Sleepyrose1

Source: Elevator

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