Marco XO Delivers Dramatic Visuals

Orlando’s own Marco XO has never been the “viral” type of artist. Not being the one who goes on Instagram and does some outlandish act just to get attention to his music. What he does do is put out quality music and videos, which will always last longer than the “viral” type of artist. Not to say that those types of artists are not talented or don’t have what it takes to be in today’s game. They just have a different lane than a Marco XO.

On his latest video release, “FORREST,” he creates a storyline that could be taken in any way possible depending on how you view the lyrics. This way he keeps the viewers and listeners on their toes. The video dropped the top of April and has racked up over 150 thousand plays already. This is the first video he has dropped since from his B.Y.E EP  that dropped in late 2019. He pushes boundaries with quality content every release. His fans are anxiously waiting on his next move, as he continues to show his longevity as an independent artist.

Check out the visuals now:

Instagram: @marcoxo

Twitter: @marcoxo_

Source: Elevator

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