Snicks Shows Us How To “Dream” In New Visual

Ambitions are one of the many things that help individualize us as people. What one person wants to accomplish could be light years away from what somebody else’s goals are, and those two people can be working in the exact same industry. Despite knowing this, many people still opt to worry about what others are doing, instead of focusing on what’s in front of them. Salt Lake City native, Snicks is not one of those people. Looking to further his buzz, he drops off the video to his track, “DREAM.”

Directed by WillyP Visuals, “DREAM,” is an engaging video that takes place in Las Vegas and cuts between scenes at the strip and an apartment. Following Snicks and his crew around, Willy grabs some great shots that really accentuate the lyrics, such as when they’re walking around the Strip just enjoying a carefree life. Soundtracked to an infectious melodic presence provided by Snicks, he utilizes everything at his disposal to bring the standout record from his recently released project, Night in the Nine 2, to life.

Check out the video below and get familiar with Salt Lake’s newest export.

Instagram: @snicks.9000 

Twitter: @SNICKS_FRM9

Source: Elevator

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