Shordie Shordie Unveils More Than Music

Making history as the first Baltimore rapper to achieve a platinum single, Shordie Shordie with a brand new mixtape, >Music (More Than Music), and it’s absolutely fire. The 13-track project contains no guest features, just melodic bangers with memorable one-liners and super catchy hooks. It’s preceded by pre-release single “Fucc Friends,” which amassed millions of views since its release.

“The public only sees me as a musician and not as a person too. I understand it, because I love music, but life is far too real for everything to be about just that,” Shordie states. “There’s more to me than my music, and that is the reason why I am where I am today. My character and story speak just as vividly as my songs do.” Check out the project below.


Source: Elevator

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