Massachusetts’s CA$O Debuts On Our Pages With New EP

CA$O is an upcoming artist from MA who has released his debut EP Sky Captain. A 5-track EP with great replay value. Growing up, he was around a lot of the music-making process thanks to his father’s influence (he’s a musician) – visits to the studio with his father since he was a little boy further sparked his curiosity in music. “He would bring me to the studio when I was 3 and 4 years old and from what he tells me, I was helping them write records. Ever since then I’ve always loved music and couldn’t go a day without it” expressed CA$O about the positive influence music has had on his life.

CA$O spent a while in the military, afterward, he decided to take music 100% seriously and here he is now, blazing his trail with Sky Captain and much more to come. Sky Captain was recorded, mixed and mastered by CA$O himself. You will find production from WxlfStealth, Noxbeatz, Paven Melody, and CorMill on the project. A personal favorite of mine is “In They Feels” – overall I like his tone and flow, he sounds like himself which is so important! It’s the premise for which he likes to focus on, being yourself. You can hear the influences in his music from current popular artists, meshing it with his own flair making it very much “his own thing.” The production is A1. “I wanted Sky Captain to feel as if it was alive. It’s like a living breathing organism. So many different sounds, feelings, emotions and especially styles” expressed CA$O about the creative process for Sky Captain. Stream Sky Captain on Spotify by clicking the link below!

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Source: Elevator

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