Money Makin Nique Links With Forte Bowie For “EPMD”

Money Makin Nique is one artist that gets slept on heavy. He’s a real true lyricist out of Atlanta that gives wordplay and subject matter. Nique does a good job painting a picture for his listeners through his lyrics. He links up with producer-songwriter Forte Bowie who laces the hook. Crazy how they pay respect to the group EPMD with naming the record after the late 80’s hip hop group. Great way to reconnect the youth with music that has paved the way for a lot. The record is something you would turn on at a barbeque in the summer as Money Makin Nique keeps it calm and cool on the verses and bridge. “EMPD” is a solid record that sounds well put together by Forte Bowie.

Source: Elevator

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